F.A.Q. (frequently asked questions)

How to log in ?

You need a metamask (metamask.io) wallet.

Click on log in with metamask, sign in when metamask prompts. You will see your dashboard, and the content page.
On mobile, open the metamask app, go to browser, and visit cherryniwa.io. First thing you need to know : CBL is on the Polygon network. You will need tiny amounts of Matic token as "gas" to pay for any transaction.

How to view content ?

A post can be locked in 3 different ways :

  1. With a minimum amount of $CBL tokens required

    We have Ranks that are valid on Niwa and other places & products in our CherryBlossom Community.
    If you are holding 25 $CBL tokens, you are a Ronin .
    If you climb to 100 $CBL, you are promoted to Samurai .
    At 300 $CBL, you become a Daimyo .
    A special Rank that oversees all, Shogun , is available if you hold 1000 $CBL & talk to Cherry for the promotion ceremony.

  2. With a NFT

    A NFT is a special “ticket” token that was made for a special Event in our Discord for example, or made to protect access to very special experiences.
    For example, we had a Halloween party in our Discord, with all the girls sharing their costumes & content made especially for the event & everyone chatting & having fun.
    Members who attended & claimed the event Badge (by simply sending a little tip to the girls) then received a NFT badge, that gives them access to the most explicit & fun content from that event. This is a great way to reward active members !
    Another example would be NFT tickets available to purchase when a Niwa Star is offering a special experience.

  3. With “Tip to View”

    This feature is especially convenient for guest creators or community members who want to monetize content. You need to tip the required amount to unlock the content. Wait for confirmation notification, do not reload the page. Once the tip is confirmed, reload the page to see the content.

How to tip ?

On any post, on the left side of the page, you will see a "support the creator" tip function.

Enter an amount, then click on CBL (Polygon/Matic Network) or USDC (Polygon/Matic Network).
Double check the amount, make sure you are on Polygon network and if everything is correct, confirm the transaction in your metamask.
You will see a “Sending tip….” notification pop up. Please do not leave the page/reload until you see the “Tip sent successfully !” notification. This is to ensure the tip is properly recorded in the database. It’s important, as best tippers are rewarded !
100% of the tip is going directly into the creator’s wallet. You need some Matic to send out CBL tokens.

How to upgrade my Rank ?

You’ll need to purchase more $CBL tokens. Visit the Market ! (menu on the top right)

In the Market you can purchase a Rank directly, or upgrade your CBL balance at your convenience.

Where can I hang out with the community ? How can I chat with the creators ?

Join our discord! discord.gg/cherryniwa

We are there everyday, chatting about anything from gaming, to travel, to food, to porn and kinks, sharing, chilling…
And of course we have events and parties quite often. There you can also keep track of the other cool things we are building.

Tipping is cool, I love to support my favourite girls/creators. But where does the tip actually go ?

100% of the tip you are sending goes directly to the creator’s wallet address!

We are not taking any fee. This is the point of crypto ! Peer to peer.

How to post and monetize ?

Please do not hesitate to talk to Cherry (Cherry#0302 on discord, @cherry_cbl on twitter, cherryhottie@pm.me).
If you are creating content, art, illustrations, drawing, hentai, writing erotica stories, selling merch, a special discount for a subscription to your website/onlyfans, etc… you are very welcome to make your own posts here and get 100% of the $ straight to your wallet instantly !